Beauty Shortcuts I Live By

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It’s no secret that not everybody is a professional beauty guru, nor does everyone have the time (or, let’s face it, mental energy) to put into all of the steps to keep up a perfect beauty routine. We’ve all seen the “lazy girl” beauty tips and whatnot, but even some of them aren’t exactly “lazy”. It seems like there’s this lingering idea that taking care of yourself requires some insane amounts of time, effort, and money that no one in the real world actually has.

Personally, I have very kinky, curly hair that does not enjoy being tamed. I have spent so much time of my life trying to figure out how to manage the beast that resides atop my head. Many of my discoveries have come through trial and error and I’m still constantly searching for the next thing to help me keep up with this mop of hair.

Actual picture of me and my pet hair.

Everyone’s favorite lazy girl hair hack is dry shampoo. I would be willing to bet that I easily went through an entire can of dry shampoo in 2 or 3 days when I was in high school, especially if I was turning straightened hair into second day waves. But dry shampoo can get a little pricey, especially if you are as generous with it as I once was. However, buying dry shampoo is not always completely necessary.

There are actually several common  household items that you could use instead. My initial go-to was baby powder. I almost always have baby powder around the house, especially now with a baby. Sprinkle a bit of baby powder in one hand and kind of pat it into both of your palms, then massage it into the roots of your hair. Flip your head over if you need to get the base of your head and a bit further down the roots.

Another alternative to dry shampoo is cocoa powder. I always seem to have a half-full tub of cocoa powder in my pantry leftover from like one recipe that I had to go out and buy a whole thing of cocoa powder and then it just sat there on the shelf forever. The cocoa powder works just like the baby powder. I would suggest cocoa powder for darker hair colors as the baby powder could cake in the oils of your hair and make it obvious that there’s something there.

You could also use flour. Flour, like baby powder should mostly be used on light colored hair. Be sure to brush through your hair to make sure your secret is well hidden. Hairspray your style afterwards if you need to to get a good hold and lock in whatever alternative you used.

Another time saver with your hair comes in the shower. I actually never knew that this was technically the right way to wash and condition your hair until just recently. Most of us put the shampoo in our hair, lather it up, then rinse it out. Next we repeat the process with conditioner and that’s it. But, try this next time. Put the shampoo on the roots of your hair. That’s the greasiest part anyway and you don’t want to further dry out the ends of your hair. Without rinsing the shampoo from your roots, immediately add conditioner to the rest of the hair. Leave both shampoo and conditioner on your hair for a minute and then rinse them out.  This saves time and water. Hello Mother Nature, I got your back!

We all have had some struggles with acne or breakouts at some point in life. Mine happened to come about after I was in my twenties and had my daughter. If you feel a breakout coming on, fret not! Go crack an egg and separate the whites from the yolk.  Whisk the whites up with a fork until they’re a little frothy and dab it on the breakout with your finger. Let it dry and wash it off. It diminishes the appearance of the breakout on your face and helps it heal faster.

If you are dealing with some dry skin problems on your face, you can mix honey with raw aloe and rub it on the dry patches. Let it dry like a face mask and wash it off. Or you could just cut open a piece of an aloe plant and rub it on the areas and treat it the same way.

Waxing your face is so expensive. Plus you have to go all the way to the salon, interact with real people, and then pay them while you walk out looking like you just got in a fight because you’re all red and puffy. My tip? Go to Wal-Mart and buy one of those tiny face trimmers. It’s called the Clio Beautytrim Battery Operated Personal Hair Trimmer For Women, for all of my fellow shoppers. Mine is cheetah print. They take like one AAA battery and you can literally carry it in your pocket if you want to. I use it to trim my caterpillar brows. It has two sides of blades on it, a long strip for larger areas and a short strip for detailing. It also comes with an attachment to make sure you don’t trim too short. They’re less than $10 and worth every penny for all the money it’ll save you from getting waxed all the time.

Every time I get on Facebook or YouTube, I see these nail polish videos of girls using glue and other special products to peel off any stray polish that gets on the skin around their finger nails. I’m here to tell you that just ain’t lazy enough for me! So, let me tell ya what I do. I’m left-handed, so, I use my left hand to paint the nails on my right hand with surgical precision. Seriously, Derick Sheppard himself would be impressed at the level of artistry that is my nail painting skills. But, I still have to paint the nails on my left hand. So what do I do? I take that little polish brush in my right hand like a kindergartener gripping a pencil for the first time. I slap that nail polish on like a blind abstract artist. I will have nail polish from the tips of my nails to the tops of my knuckles (okay, not really that dramatic). I let it dry and, guess what I do? I wash my hands. And voila! No more polish on my skin.

I could probably go on for days on the topic of lazy girl beauty tips. If I left out anything that you might have needed, drop a comment and I’ll do my best to help out! Stay lazy and stay beautiful my lovelies!


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