Christmas Goodies

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Every year at Christmas time, my mom and I make all sorts of Christmas goodies. The kitchen counters are littered with wax paper and crock pots full of melted chocolate. Here are a few of the treats we like to make during the holiday season.

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Crackers                                                                            It’s as simple as it sounds. Use round Ritz crackers and peanut butter to make an oreo type sandwich. Dip them in melted chocolate and cool until hardened. It’s a simple concept but it turns out really yummy!

Peppermint Bark                                                                                                                            This one is very easy and one of my personal favorites! All you need is peppermints or candy canes and white chocolate bark.

Put the unwrapped peppermint candies in a freezer bag and smash them into chunks and crumbs. They need to be easy to chew up in bite. Melt the chocolate bark in a crock pot, or on the stove. Line a flat, baking sheet with wax paper and spread your peppermint crumbs on the sheet. Pour the melted chocolate over the candy pieces and spread it evenly. Refrigerate it until hardened. Once the white chocolate is hardened, break the sheet into bite size chunks. And that’s it!

Dipped Pretzels                                                                                                                         Again, another very easy one. You will need a bag of hard pretzels, melted chocolate and sprinkles if you want. You can use white and milk chocolate. Melt your chocolate and dip the pretzels. Lay them on a sheet of wax paper to dry. I like to dip in milk chocolate and drizzle a bit of white chocolate across the tops in a zig zag pattern. You can mix it up with the chocolates and use sprinkles where you like. I personally like to use red and green sprinkles on the white chocolate.

Candied Pecans                                                                                                                                For this you will need shelled pecans, sugar, egg whites, and cinnamon. Whisk one egg white and one teaspoon of vanilla until frothy. Put one pound of pecans in a gallon size freezer bag and coat the pecans with the egg white mix. Then, add one cup of sugar and about two tea spoons of cinnamon to the bag and coat the pecans with the cinnamon and sugar until even. Pour the pecans onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

Peanut butter Balls/ Buck Eyes                                                                                              This one can be done one of two ways. Just plain peanut butter balls call for 16oz of powdered sugar, one cup of peanut butter, one teaspoon of vanilla, and three table spoons of softened butter. Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and chill. Once your mixture is chilled, roll out ping pong sized balls in your hand or you can use a watermelon ball scooper. Refrigerate the peanut butter balls and keep chilled until serving. If you want to make them buck eyes,  just dip the balls in melted milk chocolate and allow to dry. When you pull the chocolate covered balls off of the wax paper, you will see a small circle of the peanut butter peaking through the chocolate at the bottom. This resembles the pupils of a buck’s eye ball. Hence the name ‘buck eyes’.


Super Simple Sweet Potato Pie                                                                                                This is a recipe that I used on Christmas day to take over to my mom’s house. I used one small can of yams, two table spoons of butter, 1/4 cup of brown sugar, two table spoons of sugar, and about a teaspoon of cinnamon. I mashed the yams until smooth and mixed all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Then I poured the mix into a graham cracker pie crust and baked it at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Then I took it out and placed marshmallows over the top of the whole pie and made some marshmallow cream by microwaving a handful of marshmallows with a splash of milk and stirred in a teaspoon of vanilla until smooth. I poured the marshmallow cream over top of the pie, filling the spaces between the whole marshmallows. From there, I topped the cream with cinnamon and graham cracker crumbs.


These have been a few of the simplest Christmas goody recipes that my mom and I like to make each year. If you would like to see more like these, leave me a request in the comments for a recipe or idea for something yummy for the holidays!