Get Motivated to Read More Books

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In today’s tech savvy environment, it can be hard to remember what life is like without all this technology. Wouldn’t it be nice to just slow down once in a while? Who cares what your acquaintances are having for breakfast or where they’re shopping for their shoes? Why doesn’t anyone ever sit down with a good book and mind their business anymore? Well, if your new years resolution is to read a book more often, then this might be a good read for you.

See if there are any used book stores in your area. I know there are some book stores that will buy your used books from you as well. You could also check out any thrift store near you. They usually carry plenty of books for you to rummage through.

If paying for books you’re only going to read once doesn’t sound like your style, sign up for a library card. Public libraries are good places to sit and relax in a quiet environment to read that real page-turner you found in the mystery section. Plus, if you’re a fast reader, you can sit in the library and read book after book without having to check them out and take them home.

If you don’t see yourself holding a real book, turning paper pages, fear not! You can easily find books to read online with resources like Kindle, Audible, and other e-reader apps that can even read the books aloud to you.

Bonus! Books on CD is also a really nice way to get your “reading” in. You can find books on CD at most libraries, bookstores, and online.

Once you’ve determined the source of your books, time to determine the content. My favorite thing to do is find a really interesting series that I won’t burn out on. I usually stick with trilogies or other short series’. 15 books in a series about the same thing just feels redundant to me.

Just like with movies, books are always better with a snack and beverage. So, grab a refreshment and your latest book and get lost in it. I usually like to snack on grapes or other easily pop-able healthy snacks like raisins or blueberries. They taste good, they’re good for you, and you don’t have to take your eyes off the book to eat them.

Find your spot. Create your ideal reading environment. Somewhere quiet with enough light that you don’t strain your eyes. Make a reading nook, pile up in bed, or just a little spot on the floor covered in pillows. Get comfy, grab your refreshments and you’re all set.

Have a monthly book. Make your first monthly book something you look forward to reading and then every book after that needs to be something you’re a little more excited about each month. This way, you’re invested in the book you’re currently reading but you’re looking forward to reading the next book. This will give you incentive to read your book faster and finish it by the end of the month.

If you have any other tips on helping someone read more, let me know in a comment. I would love to hear from my readers and incorporate your suggestions into future blog posts.