Getting in Shape this Year?

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We all have things we don’t like about ourselves. Many of us choose to dedicate a New Year’s resolution to losing weight and getting in shape. Here are all of the best tips I have for you.

Set small, reachable goals. I gained 100 pounds when I was pregnant with my daughter. I lost over 60 pounds of that so far but now I’m stuck. Yes, I would love to lose the last 40 pounds but I’m really shooting for 30. However, I’m not just shooting for 30 pounds, I’m shooting for 3 pounds this week and at least 10 pounds this month. They may be small goals but they’re realistic for my life and I know I won’t be stressed at the end of the week that I have a ton more pounds to lose to reach my goal, but I may actually lose more than my goal and that feels really nice and encourages me to do it again next week.

That kind of ties in with this next tip. Don’t over-stress it! You’re doing what you can and that’s all you can expect of yourself. You’re gonna mess up, you’re gonna over eat, you’re gonna miss workouts. That doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you human. Welcome to the club, there’s like 7 billion of us.

Don’t weigh yourself all the time. One day a week on the scales is plenty. Weigh yourself at the beginning of your journey and take your “before” picture if you want, then don’t step back on that scale for another 7 days! Weigh yourself at the end of each week of your fitness journey to track your progress.

Have cheat days. You don’t have to be miserable to lose weight and get in shape. One cheat day a week won’t hurt anybody so go ahead and eat a cookie on Sunday! You’ve been working your butt off (or in my case, working my gut off) and you deserve it.

Water is your friend. Consider getting a reusable water bottle, preferably one that you can see through. Mark your water bottle with the number of ounces you want to drink by the end of each hour until you reach your daily goal. You may need to pee more than a toddler at bed time but it’s good for you and your body will get used to it soon.

I know we’re all really busy and “spare time” is an imaginary friend we forgot about a long time ago, but try to carve out just a few minutes of your day to take a walk. For me, it’s walking my girls (my daughter and my dog-ter) two or three times a day for about 15 to 20 minutes at a time. It’s nice to get out in the sunshine and fresh air every once in a while. It’s really great for de-stressing and gathering your thoughts while getting that heart pumping.

If you’re ever presented the opportunity, take the stairs. Stairs definitely help keep the heart healthy, and your legs and booty will thank you too.

Make a vision board and put it somewhere you will see it every morning. It could be on your phone or on actual poster board. However you decide to make your vision board, do it. I put my monthly, weekly, and final goals on mine with words of encouragement along the way.

Change the way you snack. Put down the potato chips and pick up apple chips. Forget slices of cake and try slices of banana. Replace all of your bad snack foods with good ones. Apples have more natural sugars than the average cup of coffee. Eat an apple in the mornings and you’ll be set for the whole day. Banana slices and dark chocolate are a great way to curb your sweets fix and keep it healthy. Also try swapping your bad fats and oils for the good ones. Like avocado instead of butter and coconut oil instead of olive oil and vegetable oils.

Lastly, BE PATIENT! Rome was not built in a day and neither was Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is going to take time so just take it day by day. It took me 9 months to gain 100 pounds. It took me 4 months to lose 60 pounds of that. I know I’ve slacked off but just remember that nothing in life is really instant anymore.