My Personal Skin Care Routine

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Many people struggle with skin problems and acne. I used to think I had bad breakouts as a teen but it wasn’t until I entered my 20’s that I started breaking out with really painful, cystic acne. Then, when I got pregnant with my daughter, I started having really oily skin and even more breakouts, including blackheads and whiteheads.

In middle and high school, my only real skin care routine was washing my face after wearing makeup all day using a drugstore brand makeup wipe. Now I need a bit more of an actual routine with better products.

Of course, being a mom, it’s not always easy to stick to a routine. But, here’s a quick rundown of what I do to try and maintain a clear(ish) face.

In the mornings, my daughter tends to wake up around 7-8:00. So I get up and get her out of her crib, take her into the living room, put her in her excersaucer, make her a bottle and turn on Little Einsteins. This buys me all the time in the world because she’s obsessed with the Little Einsteins. From here, I head into the bathroom to go potty, wash my hands, brush my teeth and wash my face.

I have sensitive skin so I like to use products for sensitive skin. My morning face soap is Dove sensitive skin bar soap. It really helps to gently remove all the built up oils on my face from the night before.

During the day, I have a bad habit of touching my face constantly, so on top of already having oily skin, my face gets a lot more oily because I’m always putting my hands on my face. So, at night, if I wore makeup that day, I will usually use a baby wipe to take it off. Moms will use baby wipes for just about anything. My daughter also had sensitive skin so her baby wipes have to be for sensitive skin with no scents and sometimes I get her aloe infused wipes. I actually like the way the aloe infused wipes make my face feel refreshed after taking my makeup off.

If I didn’t have makeup on all day, I just skip on to this next step. Either during or after my shower, I will wash my face with the Dove sensitive skin bar soap again to wash out all the dirt and oils from the day.

If I feel like I need a good exfoliating wash, I like to use Freeman polishing charcoal and black sugar gel mask + scrub. I found it at Walmart while looking for a charcoal mask and didn’t realize it was actually an exfoliating scrub too. I was a little annoyed when I got home and realized my mistake but after the first use, I decided that I liked it a lot and I haven’t gone back since. And it is for all skin types so anyone could use it if they feel they need a good, deep, exfoliating clean. I usually put it on after I get out of the shower, brush my hair and wrap it up so my wet hair doesn’t drip down my face and I don’t get any product in my hair. I like to use my rotating cleaning brush and warm water to scrub it after it has dried to really get in there and get all the nasty out of my pores.

After washing my face at night, I like to use a toner. My toner of choice is Olay oil minimizing clean with witch hazel.  You probably only need to use toner in your most oily places on your face, which for me is my T-zone. But I like to use the toner all over, especially after the harsh scrubbing of the charcoal cleanser and the brush, I feel it really cools and calms my skin down and it feels really refreshing.

After toner, I use a moisturizer. Even though my skin is oily and I’m taking all these steps to get the oil out, you still need some moisture on your face because over dried skin also leads to acne and break outs. My first moisturizer love was St. Ives timeless skin collagen elastin moisturizer. It is great for my sensitive skin, it is dermatologist tested and it’s natural, which I love! I only have to use a very small amount and it goes a long way! I’m pretty sure I’ve had this tub of moisturizer for over a year and I still only have to dip my finger in the product where it has clung to the lid. So if you’re looking for a good, natural moisturizer that will last, I definitely recommend this one.

Another good moisturizer I have found was out of desperation when I went to my mother-in-law’s four hours away and left my St. Ives at home. I dashed into Fred’s like a crazy lady and found a Fred’s brand moisturizer. It’s very simple. It’s Fred’s Beauty Lotion. It works great, smells really good and it’s cheap.  So, with moisturizer, I only put it on the dryer parts of my face which really only includes my cheeks and under my eyes. I put a small dab on the tip of my finger and rub it between my hands. I use the majority of the product in my problem areas and then I will smooth the remaining bit over my nose, forehead and chin. Because, again, over dried skin also causes breakouts.

When it comes to moisturizers, if you’re like me and you have oily skin, it can be a lot of trial and error when it comes to finding the right product for you. My mom recently recommended I use a cold cream on my face at night. The product I bought was Pond’s cold cream cleanser. It is a moisturizing deep cleanser and makeup remover. However, I noticed that this product made my face feel more oily than ever on the first night that I used it. So the second night I tried using less. The next morning I woke up extremely oily again and the start of a few very painful cysts forming on my chin, the crease of my nose next to my cheek, and the worst ever, one on the inner part of my nose on my upper lip. I decided the cold cream wasn’t really for me.

Like, I said, finding the right products for your skin and your skin type are mostly trial and error, but hopefully breaking down my skin care routine for my sensitive, oily skin, can help you find some products that will work for you!